Cash Out Program

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Transportation Services is once again accepting applicants for its popular Cash Out Program, which began in 2017.

This program financially rewards employees who choose to forgo bringing a motor vehicle to campus for one year. Qualified employees who elect to participate in the program will each receive up to $200 over a one-year period, which will be divided evenly on each paycheck during the time period. Participants will also have the opportunity to renew for the following year if they would like to continue their participation.

The purpose of the Cash Out Program is to reduce the number of single-occupancy motor vehicle trips to, from and around campus, and to promote modes of transportation that save money (for individuals and for the University), foster healthier lifestyles and have lower environmental impacts.

The Cash Out Program is part of a suite of alternative transportation options available to the UK community that also includes Commute Club, the BluPass partnership with Lextran, the bike voucher program, and the Big Blue Cycles fleet for residential students. These programs are designed to simplify the process of shifting from driving a single-occupancy vehicle to campus to another mode of transportation, and to reward those individuals who make the change in their routine.

The Cash Out Program aligns with the goals set forth in the UK Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The TMP aims to improve access and mobility to, from, and around campus for all members of the UK community.

Lextran bus

How It Works

The Cash Out Program gives qualified employees up to $200 each over a one-year period, which will be divided evenly on each paycheck during that time period. It operates on the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Participants who enroll after the start date will receive a prorated amount.

Participants also have the opportunity to renew for a second consecutive year if they would like to continue their participation in the program. In addition, participants receive ten (10) complimentary single-day permits that may be used on occasions when participants must bring a motor vehicle to campus. They also have the opportunity to purchase up to 40 additional single-day permits per fiscal year. (Single-day permits are intended to be used on days when alternative transportation modes are not a feasible option and are not intended to take the place of a regular motor vehicle parking permit.)

The financial rewards of the Cash Out Program extend well beyond $200. Over the enrollment period, participants also benefit from substantial cost savings associated with not purchasing a parking permit, as well as reduced fuel and maintenance expenditures.

Cash Out is essentially a year-to-year commitment for up to two years. Participants will not be authorized to purchase a parking permit while participating. All requests to leave the program will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Application Information

Applications for the 2019-2020 Cash Out Program are now open.


  • Participants must sign a car-free commitment that will prohibit them from purchasing a vehicle parking permit for one year. Participants may still purchase a limited number of single-day permits for occasions when they must bring a motor vehicle to campus, as outlined above.
  • Employees MUST have had a vehicle parking permit for the past fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) OR must be brand new to campus with a start date after the date of the last Cash Out enrollment period.
  • Cash out enrollment is not transferable.
  • Only faculty and staff with main campus assignments are eligible to participate. Those who work at any of UK’s outlying offices where permits are not required for parking may not apply.
  • Only staff who work weekday, daytime shifts are eligible to participate.
  • Faculty and staff with temporary work assignments must have a work assignment end date of at least two (2) years later than the date of incentive issue to be considered for the program.
  • To be eligible, participants must be employed in a taxable position at the University and receive a regular paycheck. Ex. on-call employees, visiting scholars and those with non-taxable fellowships are not eligible.
  • Prior to receiving the cash out, prospective participants must attend a short program orientation covering alternative mobility options, as well as campus and community resources for commuters. Prospective participants may reschedule their orientation date; however, prospective participants who are absent from orientation without notice may be subject to removal from consideration.
  • Participants suspected of engaging in fraudulent behavior may be subject to further restrictions, repayment of the cash received, removal from the program and future disqualification from other alternative transportation programs.
  • If participants stop receiving a paycheck (i.e. unpaid leave, Family Medical Leave, etc.), they will forfeit their cash out incentive for that pay period.
  • Participants who are bi-weekly employees will not receive the cash out incentive on the third paycheck of the month during months that have three pay periods.
  • Participants are limited to one iteration of one alternative transportation incentive program; they may not participate in the programs concurrently or consecutively. This means that you could do either cash out or bike voucher, but not both. However, bike voucher and Cash Out participants are not restricted from participating in Commute Club.


If you have additional questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or email