Link Blue Account

What is your Link Blue account?

The University of Kentucky Information Technology created the term "link blue" to define a computer account (user id and password) which can be used when connecting to many campus-wide systems, including myUK, Blackboard and APEX Degree Planner.

Your link blue account is created within two business days of when, as a student you are accepted, or as an employee you are entered into payroll. The link blue account must be activated to login to services.

Activating your Link-Blue Account.

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Link-Blue Password expired?

What is my default password and password requirements?

How do I find my UserID or UKID number?

Is your link blue account continually locked?

Activating your Link Blue Account

For new students or external user wishing to activate their link blue account with....

ACCEPTANCE LETTER: Using the information you received in your Acceptance Letter, go here to activate your new Link Blue account:

  • UK Google Apps account
  • Microsoft Office 365 account

  • NOTE: If you wish to use your personal email account, choose Other during the Link Blue Account activation process. This will forward all email send your UEA (University Email Address) to your personal email account.

    *Medical Students must use an Exchange email account due to HIPAA regulations.

    • Your college will request an exchange email account for you.
    • Your University Email Address (UEA) will continue to deliver you email to your email delivery location.
    • The address will deliver email to your Exchange email account.

For new employees needing to activate the link blue account and set up Exchange email

  • Exchange email accounts normally take up to two business days upon your start date to be created. During that time, you may need to forward all emails to your personal email account.

Find Your link blue account information


Your UK Link Blue user ID and Student ID should be provided in your University of Kentucky Acceptance Letter. If you have not received your User ID, please contact the UKAT Service Desk at (859) 218-HELP(4357) or request help online.

Faculty & Staff

Your UK Link Blue user ID and UK ID number should be provided to your hiring official who will relay this information to you. If your hiring official has not received your user ID please contact the UKAT Service Desk at (859)218-HELP(4357) or request help online.

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357)