• What is MATLAB? MATLAB is short for Matrix Laboratory developed by Mathworks. Learn more including videos from Mathworks
  • Who can download MATLAB? Faculty and Staff can download MATHLAB from the download server.
  • Which version of MATLAB is available? MATLAB R2013B
  • Do you need to use Cisco VPN? If you intend to use MATLAB off the campus network, you will need to install and run Cisco VPN
  • Which computer labs on campus have MATLAB?
    • Business and Economics
    • Civil
    • Engineering Workstation (EWL)
    • King Science
    • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
    • Nursing
    • W.T. Young
  • Can MATLAB be found on the MyVirtualDEN? MATLAB is not included on the MyVIRTUAL DEN's virtual software
  • Can MATLAB be loaded on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)? Click here to find out!

Step by Step Installation Instructions (Windows 7/8.1)

Step 1: Login to (Must have Link-Blue userid and password)
Important: If your Link-Blue account resides on the MC domain, you will need to add "MC\userid" when logging into the UK Application Download webpage.

Download Page Login

Step 2: Search for "MatLab" in the search box.

Search Box

Step 3: Click on "See Downloads"

See Downloads

Step 4: Click on "Register for Access"

Step 5: You will need to fill out a quick survey in order to gain access to MatLab

Step 6: After submitting the survey, you will receive an email from with further instructions.

Per these emailed instructions, you will need to send an email with the information below to the individual addresses found in the email.

  • Link Blue UserID (LinkBlue userid is the username¬†commonly used with ad\ or mc\, or to login to myUK)
  • UKID #

At this point, you will receive further instructions on how to setup an account on

Step 7: After receiving access to the website, visit"

Step 8: Click on "Download Products"

Step 9: Click on the blue button for the latest release, or select an older version from the side.

Step 10: Select the correct platform for your MatLab install.

Step 11: Locate the downloaded .exe file.

Step 12: A self-extractor will open, just give it time, the install will begin shortly.

Step 13: Select "Use a File Installation Key" then click "Next"

Step 14: Read the License Agreement, if you agree select "Yes" then click "Next"

Step 15: Select "I have the File Installation Key" then copy and paste the File Installation Key given to you in the email.

Step 16: Click "Next"

Step 17: Select the checkbox next to "Product" then click "Next"

Step 18: Click on "Browse" then locate the license.dat file given to you in the email, then click "Next"

Step 19: Select "Configure the license manager as a service" then click "Next"

Step 20: Review install settings, then click "Install"

Step 21: Click "Next"

Step 22: Click "Finish"

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