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The Media Depot is a student digital media space located in the Hub at William T. Young Library. The Media Depot provides; access to recording equipment and space, editing stations with specialized multimedia software, and technical support for students’ development of their academic media projects. The Media Depot is funded by the Student Technology Fee and is a collaboration between the University of Kentucky Analytics and Technologies (UKAT) and UK Libraries and is in support of the QEP.

The Media Depot includes…

  • Presentation Recording Rooms (B53 & B54) - rooms with 42-inch mounted monitors to display presentations, plus cameras to record presentations.
  • Green Screen Recording Room (B60-A) - mini studio, equipped with a green screen wall and tools to produce professional-grade presentations.
  • Audio and Screen Capture Recording Rooms (B56 & B57) - Rooms for audio recording and screen capture with professional recording equipment and software.
  • 15 27" iMacs / 4Gb RAM / 512 Mb video cards / OS 10.8.4
  • 15 Windows 7 computers with 27" monitors / 16Gb RAM / 1Gb video card
  • 4 Mac Pros with 27" monitors / 8Gb RAM / 1Gb video card / 2 x 2.4 Quad-Core Xenon
  • External hard drives are available for three day check out at the Audio Visuals Services desk in the HUB in WTYL

All recording equipment uses secure digital memory cards. The media depot recommends a minimum 16Gb card with Class 4 or better, or a 4GB minimum flash drive. Students will need to save and edit content on their memory card so that they can retain their project. External hard drives are available for checkout at the William T. Young AV Services area. Students must schedule time to use recording rooms.

Other sources in the Hub at the William T. Young Library include: The Writing Center, KY Trade, Student Computing Services, Tech Help @ the Hub, Presentation U, and WTY Audio Visual Services (Students can check out movies, laptops, and external hard drives.)

Faculty can request a tour by contacting or

Phone Number: (859) 323-1105

Media Depot Hours

Mon-Thur: 10AM-10PM
Fri: 10AM-8PM
Sat: Closed
Sun: 12:30PM-10PM

If you do not show up for a scheduled room, it will be canceled after 15 minutes.

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