Pacific Ocean "Suspended in Time" near Westport WA (December 2004) © Derek R. Lane
"Abandoned 1950 Chevy Truck" off Gregory Road in Franklin County KY (July 2010) © Derek R. Lane
"Silvermine Branch" near Frenchburg KY in Menifee County (October 2012) © Derek R. Lane
"Mark's Awesome View" near Frenchburg KY in Menifee County (October 2012) © Derek R. Lane
"Three is Never a Crowd" near Rose Arbor Farm off Athens Walnut Hill Road in Lexington KY (July 2013) © Derek R. Lane
"Glass Mill Bridge" near Wilmore KY (August 2015) © Derek R. Lane
"The Arboretum in Spring" near the UK campus in Lexington KY (April 2016) © Derek R. Lane

Interim Dean (2018-2019) ~ Senior Associate Dean (2013-2020)

Predictive Analytics

The challenges and opportunites associated with "Big Data" fascinate me -- especially when these data are used by post-secondary administrators to make timely and effective decisions. Two years ago, in my role as Senior Associate Dean, I began developing technical competencies using Tableau Desktop to build real-time dynamic workbooks and dashboards for measuring and visualizing credit hour growth, improving course planning, and tracking student success metrics (e.g., engagement, retention, graduation rates, etc.). Today I enjoy collaborating with UK Institutional Research and Advanced Analytics and other "Tableau Super Users" at the University of Kentucky to develop solutions that improve instutional decision-making and promote student success.

Team-Based Learning

With more than tweny years experience as an advocate and trainer of Team-Based Learning (TBL) I have designed pragmatic tools and creative workshops for helping eductors use this evidence-based student-centered instructional strategy. TBL requires active student participation and emphasizes learning to use concepts rather than merely learning about them. As such, it has two distinctive features: (1) a redefinition of the primary roles and responsibilities in the learning process and (2) the formation of an operational learning environment which incorporates four essential tools (course design, classroom management, student group composition, and performance evaluation). When TBL is used appropriately it engages learners, improves group dynamics, and ultimately increases knowledge and application skills.

Communication Technology Research

We are currently conducting research to understand how people use and learn from communication technologies including robots (mobile virtual presence devices), computers, tablets, and other mobile devices. I'm leading doctoral research teams that are testing models for predicting instructional technology adoption and measuring the impact of technological affordances on actual technology use. Our innovative CI Collective usability lab also supports interdisciplinary research on human-computer interaction by evaluating prototypes of emerging technologies (e.g., wearable technologies, home automation, and devices that incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) to collect and exchange data).

Current Projects

Instructional Communication Research ~ Categorization and Synthesis with Doctoral Students Kody Frey and Nick Tatum
Instructional Risk and Crisis Communication in Sweden ~ Collaboration with Drs. Tim and Deanna Sellnow
Communication Research Methods Without the Madness

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.

Edward Everett Hale

About Dr. Lane

Derek R. Lane has been active as an administrator and campus leader for the past twenty plus years. He assumed the responsibilites as Interim Dean of the College of Communication and Information from 2018-2019. He served as Senior Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs from 2013-2020 and as an endowed professor in the UK College of Engineering from 2004-2015. From 2005-2009 he administered the M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Communication as the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in Communication. He returned to the faculty full-time in January 2020.

Dr. Lane's research focuses on how message design and processing impacts attitudes and behaviors in applied contexts (e.g., instructional, organizational, health, risk and crisis). Derek has also published articles on Team-Based Learning related to faculty facilitation skills and peer feedback.

His collaborative research has been funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the National Institute of Mental Health, and the National Science Foundation and appears in Communication Monographs, Communication Education, Media Psychology, Communication Research Reports, Health Promotion Practice, the Journal of Engineering Education and the Journal of Experimental Education.

He teaches undergraduate courses in communication theory, comparative research methods, small group, organizational, and interpersonal communication as well as training and development, leadership, and communication and technology. He teaches graduate seminars in quantitative research methods, communication theory, instructional communication, training and consulting, theory construction, advanced survey research methods, leadership and interpersonal communication. Dr. Lane is the recipient of several prestigious teaching and research awards.

NSF Innovation Corps

I had the pleasure to participate in the 10-week NSF I-Corps program with a team of researchers led by Dr. Dan O'Hair from March 12 - May 25, 2012. The lean launchpad program was designed by serial enrepreneur Steve Blank and was hosted by Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Learn more >

Entrepreneurial Thinking

I also served as the founding Academic Director for The Innovation Network for Entrepreneurial Thinking (iNET) from 2011-2014. I worked with partners in multiple colleges to design the 12-credit hour interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking based on Steve Blank's Lean Launchpad. The certificate was approved by the University of Kentucky Faculty Senate in April 2014.

Violence Prevention

I am passionate about eliminating power-based personal violence in the world--at the very least making my corner of the world safer. I serve on the Board of Directors for the Washington D.C. based nonprofit Alteristic (previously named Green Dot, etcetera). I am also active as a consultant and workshop facilitator for the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Violence against Women (OVW).

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