Dr. Jonathan Golding, Full Professor of Psychology


Psychology and Law:

My research involving psychology and law focuses on investigating legal decision making in victimization cases (including perception of witnesses). In my lab, victimization includes child abuse, elder abuse, adult rape, stalking, and domestic violence. These studies have included various court contexts and type of evidence: repressed memory, DNA evidence, hearsay testimony, demeanor of witnesses, type of crime disclosure, type of crime, and the impact of courtroom experts.

PSY 395 and PSY 495/496 Opportunities:

If you are an undergraduate at UK and are interested in taking PSY 395 (Independent Study) or PSY 495/496 (Senior Honors in Psychology), please stop by my office or contact me via email or a note in my mailbox to discuss either of these possibility. I will add that working in my Psychology and Law lab is especifically helpful for those seeking to apply to law school.

UK Psychology

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