Dr. Jonathan Golding, Full Professor of Psychology

Current Graduate Students:

Sarah Elizabeth Malik

M.S. Arizona State University, Social Psychology

B.A. Evansville University

Research interests: juror perceptions, LGBT legal issues, legal policy, legal social psychology

Former PostDocs

Anne Lippert, Ph.D. 2015 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Intelligent Systems University of Memphis

Former Graduate Students:
Gregory (Brad) Bradshaw, Ph.D. 2007 President & Senior Consultant Bradshaw Litigation Consulting, LLC
Emily Dunlap, Ph.D. 2010 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology Chatanooga State Community College
Jerry Hauselt, Ph.D. 1993 Professor, Department of Psychology Southern Connecticut State University
Emily Hodell, Ph.D. 2010 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology Southern Oregon University
Terri Kinstle, Ph.D. 2001 Clinical Psychologist & Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology Holyoke Community College
Kellie Lynch, Ph.D. 2016 Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice University of Texas, San Antonio
Casey Magyarics, M.S. 2016 Intelligence Analyst Greater Cincinnati Fusion Center
Dorothy Marsil, Ph.D. 2003 Associate Professor Kennesaw State University
Rebecca Sanchez, Ph.D.   Manager of Program Performance and Evaluation Single Stop
Sandra Sego, Ph.D. 1997 Professor, Chair of Psychology Dept. American International College
Theresa Simcic, M.S. 2011 Donor Relations Manager Big City Mountainers
Nesa Wasarhaley, Ph.D. 2014 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology Bridgewater State University
John Yozwiak, Ph.D. 2003 Clinical Faculty, Department of Pediatrics University of Kentucky

PSY 395 Opportunities:

If you are an undergraduate at UK and are interested in taking PSY 395 (Independent Study), my primary research interests include:
(1) psychology and law; and (2) memory. 

Please stop by my office or contact me via email or a note in my mailbox if you would like to discuss the possibility of doing PSY 395 with me.

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