All students wishing to gain entrance into the Exercise Physiology Program,
whether at the Master's or Doctoral Level must contact the office of Richard
Riggs Director of Graduate Studies for the KHP Department.  Dr. Riggs can be
contacted at (606)257-1624 or by e-mail at  Entrance
into the Exercise Physiology Program is based upon application review and GRE
Exam scores.  The minimum GRE score for entrance into the Master's Program
is 800.  The minimum score for entrance into the Doctoral program is 1000.
    Students may also inquire about assistantships through Dr. Riggs's office as
well as the University of Kentucky Graduate School (606)257-4613 or the
assistantship office at  Students who have questions can
also contact Dr.  JW Yates Director of Exercise Physiology at (606)257-5879 or