Laboratory Facilities

The Exercise Physiology Lab at the University of Kentucky has the facilities and equipment for a wide variety of physiological and performance testing.
Recently the lab has undergone a substantial renovation, and various pieces of new equipment continue to be added.  Body composition analysis is one area which has received substantial attention.  The lab is currently equipped to perform underwater weighing, bioelectrical impedance, skinfolds, and total body water.  Furthermore our capabilities will expand even further in the coming months, with the addition of units for Dual X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) and 
whole body air plethysmography (Bod Pod).  The lab is also equipped to for various cardiorespiratory testing.  A traditional metabolic measurement system, as
well as a portable metabolic unit, allow for the measurement of oxygen consumption in a wide variety of settings.  Cardiovascular response can be monitored using the traditional 12-lead electrocardiograph (EKG), or with telemetric heart rate monitors.  Testing sessions can be performed on an electric treadmill, on either a pendulum or pan-loaded cycle ergometer, or using an arm crank ergometer.  Cardiac output can also be assessed by the carbon dioxide rebreathing method. The lab is 
equipped with traditional bell spirometers, as well as an automated electronic spirometer, for the assessment of respiratory capacity and function.  In addtion to
these machines and devices, various other pieces of equipment, including lactate analyzers, electromyographs (EMG), and load cells for measuring force output, create a well equipped laboratory for various research and testing protocols.