1. UK does not want to invest in football.
  1. UK has established renovations to Commonwealth Stadium as one of its top priorities for the upcoming legislative session. The renovations will improve both the fan and player experience.
  1. UK Athletics does not have the resources to make improvements to Commonwealth Stadium.
  1. The improvements to Commonwealth will be paid entirely by Athletics. For instance, the revenue from suites will help pay for the construction of the new suites. Athletics has earmarked the necessary resources to pay the annual debt service (principal and interest) for the needed improvements.
  1. UK is requesting money from the state to pay for on-campus facility improvements such as the Gatton College of Business & Economics building, Commonwealth Stadium and a new Science Building.
  1. UK needs approval from the Kentucky General Assembly to proceed with all three building projects - Gatton, Commonwealth, and Science. No state money for these projects is being requested.
  1. UK Athletics receives money from the state and from the university budget to operate.
  1. UK Athletics is one of very few programs in the country that is self-sustaining. That means their own revenues pay for all of their own expenses, including overhead, athletic scholarships, facilities, etc. Athletics even contributes significant support for non-athletic scholarships.
  1. UK Basketball pays most of the bills for UK Athletics.
  1. Football generates more revenue than any other sport at UK and roughly twice as much as basketball. Those two sports pay for themselves and all other UK varsity sports as well.


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