The University of Kentucky will be moving forward to ask the legislature in January to grant us the authority to completely self-finance three facilities on campus -- an initiative unlike any in Kentucky higher education ever.

Why this initiative? Why now?

All of the current economic pressures -- and opportunities -- increase the need for 21st century facilities that maximize learning, research and service. Further, they define the reality in which many of those facilities will be constructed -- using our resources, generated through private fund-raising or our own resourcefulness and efficiency.

We have an incredibly vibrant brand in our athletics program, a program that already provides millions each year for our institution's broader needs. Now, our athletics program is taking an unprecedented step for our state in proposing to fund a major academic and research facility. It's a step rarely taken in all of higher education.

We are in this together, one Big Blue Nation United in creating a bright future for Kentucky's sons and daughters. Today, in thinking creatively, in planning boldly and in acting strategically, we are honoring the Kentucky Promise that has guided us for nearly 150 years. We are doing what is essential to lead this state.

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