Disability Resource Center

Welcome to the University of Kentucky Disability Resource Center in the Division of Student Affairs. The DRC provides services to the University community so students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of University life. The DRC serves students with a wide array of disabilities and this web site provides valuable information for students, parents, faculty and staff related to various responsibilities, services and programs of the office. If you cannot find the information you are seeking, please do not hesitate to call our office (859) 257-2754 or visit us at 725 Rose Street, Suite 407 Multidisciplinary Science Building, Lexington, KY  40536-0082 (Building 82 on the Campus Map).

If you are visiting the DRC from off campus, two reserved parking spaces are available in the lot beside the Multidisciplinary Science Building. Parking is also available in the Kentucky Clinic Parking Structure located on Huguelet Drive at a reduced rate. Please bring your parking stub to the Disability Resource Center to have it validated.


Disability Resource Center Introductory Video


Please watch this short introductory video of the services provided by the University of Kentucky Disability Resource Center.

In the ribbon at the bottom of the page are many of the direct links to our online services. If you have any issues accessing these links, please contact the office for assistance.



This academic year, many students registered with the DRC will be able to download their letters of accommodation through our online portal. Students will receive a letter through their official UK email address providing the link to download the letter, along with brief instructions on how to download, save, and print the letter. Unless otherwise noted on your letter of accommodation, letters downloaded for the fall semester will be valid for the spring semester. If you need another copy, you can access it throught the "Request an Accommodation Letter" link in the Helpful Disability Resource Links below.



Scheduling of Finals for Spring 2017

The final date for students to download an accommodation letter from the Clockwork online system Thursday, April 13th. To provide faculty and the Accommodated Test Proctoring Service adequate time to process and schedule your final examination, the accommodation will need to be presented to faculty by April 15th. In preparations for accommodated final exams each student should discuss their accommodations and final exam needs with their instructor to see if needs can be met within the departments. So that we can have adequate room for all students needing accommodations, If your instructors can schedule your final exam we ask that they please do so. The DRC’s testing service is to be considered the backup plan when accommodations cannot be met within the departments. 


Faculty seeking to schedule an examination through the Accommodated Test Proctoring Service can access the online request here:  Faculty Accommodated Test Proctoring Request Form  More information is available in the Accommodated Test Proctoring Instructor Guidelines. The deadline for the DRC to receive a request for a final exam is Friday APRIL 14, 2017 at 5:00 pm (the Friday 2 full weeks before finals week).