Academic Accommodations


Letter of Accommodation

The DRC approves academic accommodations for qualified students with documented disabilities that interfere with the student's ability to have equal access to the educational process. Students engage in an interactive process with a DRC consultant about their specific situation and if they would qualify for academic accommodations. The consultant will determine the appropriate academic accommodations and generate a Letter of Accommodation (LOA), listing these accommodations to be presented to the course instructor. This LOA is valid for one semester. For many DRC students, the LOA can be generated through our online Accommodation Letter portal. In some instances, students will not be able to download their letter from the online portal and will need to contact their consultant. Only the accommodations stated within the LOA have been approved as appropriate. The letter will be valid for the current academic year. A captioned video illustrating the process can be viewed by following this link.


Presenting the Accommodation to Faculty

The DRC encourages students to get their Letter of Accommodation and present it to faculty as early in the semester as possible. This will allow for time to adequately plan the course activities for the semester. The DRC recommends setting up an appointment with the faculty member or visiting the faculty during office hours to discuss how your accommodations will be addressed during the semester. Students can provide their letter at any time during the semester, but accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodations may not be applied to course activities prior to the date the LOA is presented to the instructor. If testing accommodations are required, an agreement should be reached as to whether the testing will be provided in the department or through the DRC Accommodated Test Proctoring Center.Testing accommodations listed in the LOA do not necessarily entitle the student to utilize the Accommodated Test Proctoring Center, as faculty are encouraged to find appropriate testing environments in their department area. Students must give faculty adequate notice of at least 7 business days of the need for a testing accommodation, so that the accommodation can be arranged. Should there be issues or questions regarding accommodations, the student or instructor can contact the DRC consultant for clarification or assistance.


Flexibility with Attendance & Due Dates

Some disabilities may have random acute episodes that require a student to miss class or turn in assignments late. If the available documentation supports the necessity, the DRC may grant the student an accommodation that that requests the faculty provide flexibility in attendance requirements and/or due dates.  Because each class is unique in how it treats attendance and due dates, students are expected to meet with their instructor early in the semester to discuss how flexibility will be considered in the course. Due to the nature of some courses, the ability to provide flexibility may be limited, while others may be more liberal in terms of absences and assignment due dates, which is why it is imperative for students to meet with their instructor early in the semester.  To assist in the discussion, the DRC has provided an agreement for instructors and students to document how attendance and due dates will be addressed in the course. A link to this form with instructions for instructors can be found below. As always, DRC staff are available to assist in the process or answer questions.