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State Hydrology Series

Hydrologic and watershed coverages

Note: These GIS datasets are legacy datasets provided here for convenience.
KGS recommends visiting the Kentucky Geography Network to find more and up-to-date GIS datasets and services for download and use.

Descriptions Click to Download
Kentucky Water Resources Information System Public Water and Sewer (KIA)
14-DIGIT HUCS Download 14-digit HUCS
Hi-res National Hydrography Data High-res data by basin (up to 22 Mb)
Hi-res National Hydrography Data NHD 100k Streams by county (up to 280 Kb)
Hi-res National Hydrography Data NHD 24k Streams by County (up to 1.7 Mb)
Hi-res National Hydrography Data NHD 24k Waterbodies by County (up to 1.9 Mb)
TMDL data from KY DOW
Source-Water Protection Areas (DOW)
305(b) Program
Search Water Wells and Springs (KY Groundwater Data Repository)
Groundwater Sensitivity Regions sensitivity.ZIP (3.7 Mb)
Karst Dye Traces karstdye.ZIP (0.7 Mb)
Kentucky Sinkhole Drainage Areas Download Kentucky Sinkhole Drainage Areas (80Mb)
Karst Geology (500k) (1.1 Mb)
Named Lakes--Kentucky Fish and Wildlife (4.4 Mb)
Regulated Dams dowdams.ZIP (0.3 Mb)
KY Wetlands

Catalog of Hydrologic Units