The Sandlick area currently has problems with a lack of water in private wells. Most other areas of the county have high levels of iron or sulfur. More than three-quarters of the wells drilled in valley bottoms and on mountainsides are adequate for a domestic supply. Some wells on ridges and mountaintops are adequate for domestic supply. Drilled wells more than 200 feet deep in valleys may yield enough water for small municipal or industrial supplies. North of Pine Mountain, ground water from most drilled wells is moderately hard and contains noticeable amounts of iron. Salty water in drilled wells probably will not be found less than 200 feet below the principal valley bottoms. Along and south of Pine Mountain the water quality is slightly better, and few wells less than 300 feet below the principal valley bottoms will yield salty water. The ground water is soft but contains noticeable amounts of iron. This area also contains limestone beds that, when faulted and below drainage, may yield several hundred gallons per minute. Springs in this area will yield 50 gal/min, but generally yield less than 10 gal/min.

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