In the eastern and northern two-thirds of Lyon County, more than three-quarters of drilled wells in uplands are adequate for a domestic supply. Yields as high as 50 gallons per minute have been reported from wells penetrating large solution channels. In the low-lying areas of Eddy Creek, most wells are inadequate for domestic use, unless the well intercepts a major solution opening in the limestone, and then the yield may be very large. Wells in the uplands of the Land Between the Lakes in the southwestern quarter of the county generally do not yield enough water for domestic use. In the lowlands adjacent to Kentucky and Barkley Lakes, however, three-fourths of the wells within the bedrock yield enough for a domestic supply and can sometimes produce more than 5 gallons per minute. Springs with flows ranging from a few gallons per minute to 1,280 gallons per minute are found in the county. Minimum flows generally occur in early fall, maximum flows in late winter.

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