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E-MAN, Vol. 1, Number 1, October, 1973, page 6.
©Charlton Publications, Inc.
"The Brain and the Bomb"
Writer: Nicola Cuti
Artist/Colorist: Joe Staton
Letterer: Fay Louie
Editor: George Wildman

Charlton Publications' super-hero comic books were never particularly successful. One of its 1970s super-heroes, E-Man, wore his scientific pedantry on his sleeve -- or rather, his chest. E-Man, was born as a sentient energy burst from a nova. He eventually finds his way to Earth, causing an alien ship to crash-land in the process. E-Man is discovered by a voluptuous redhead named Nova Kane, who is a geology student working her way through the university as an exotic dancer. E-Man materializes in human form and finds a poster of Albert Einstein with the familiar E = mc2 equation on Nova Kane's wall. As the pair track down the alien ship, E-Man creates a costume with E = mc2 emblazoned on his chest. In this fast-paced origin story, they dispatch the alien threat and begin to develop a crush on one another. By issue 8 of E-Man's 10-issue Charlton run, Nova Kane became E-Man's super-powered partner. The feature was later picked up by First and Comico Comics. The light-hearted stories, featuring such threats as the Entropy Twins, are complemented well by Joe Staton's cartoonish but pleasing artwork. Although this story has nothing to do with the radioactive actinide element Einsteinium, Albert Einstein appears off and on throughout E-Man's history.

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