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E-MAN, Vol. 1, Number 2, May, 1983, page 1.
©First Comics, Inc.
"'F' as in Freak!"
Plotter and Writer: Martin Pasko
Artist: Joe Staton
Colorist: Wendy Fiore
Letterer: Fay Louie
Editor: George Wildman
Associate Editor: Rick Oliver

Artist and co-creator Joe Staton stuck with E-Man into its second run, this time at First Comics. His artistic style became even more cartoonish, with comical supporting characters Michael Mauser and koala Teddy Q. Albert Einstein became the continuing narrator of the stories, as we see on this page, with a cheesy German accent and Nova Kane's E = mc2 poster from E-Man 1 on the wall. The rest of this comic book introduces the reader to the "Unhappy F-Men," a parody of Marvel Comics' very popular "Uncanny X-Men." F-Man Weasel is "the best there is at what I do." An angst-ridden love affair between the Albatross and Zitpops nearly talks the characters off the page. Once again, the element Einsteinium fails to make an appearance.

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