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Congratulation to our three winners (from left to right):

Shayan Mohammadmoradi (1st), Kai Zhang (2nd), and Torabi Soroosh (3rd).

Shayan Mohammadmoradi, Kai Zhang, and Torabi Soroosh

Congratulation to everybody who was competed too (from left to right):

Rachel Carr (English), Anna Stone (3MT chair), Natalie Gibson (Judge), Morgan Gerlitz (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering), Laura Manning (Curriculum and Instruction), Erica Fealko (Plant Patholog), Jessica Hanneman (Veterinary Science), Bill Goodman (Judge), Dan Wu (Judge), Phillip Barnett (Linguistics), Torabi Soroosh (3rd), Shayan Mohammadmoradi (1st), Katherin Toran (Economics), Kai Zhang (2nd), and Morris Grubbs (Graduate School).

Shayan Mohammadmoradi, Kai Zhang, and Torabi Soroosh

Here are the videos of this year top 3 participants:

Shayan Mohammadmoradi (1st):

Kai Zhang (2nd):

Torabi Soroosh (3rd)

2017 Graduate Student Congress | The University of Kentucky is an Equal Opportunity University

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