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Have fun teaching middle school students, while you reach them at an important phase of learning and development. 

We take a unique approach to teacher education. In the UK Middle Level Teacher Education program, college classes are embedded in local middle schools. You will be working in actual classrooms from the start. 


Our program prepares you to teach at the middle level, grades 5-9.  You'll be able to choose two content areas: English, math, social studies, or science.


Why Choose UK Middle Level Teacher Education?   

  • Our graduates are highly qualified and recruited by schools. 
  • We partner with top teachers to offer student teaching experiences. 
  • Learn and grow through travel with student teaching abroad
  • Experience a diverse community with many opportunities to get involved. 

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"Being a student in the Middle Level Teacher Education Program at The University of Kentucky has prepared me to become a well-rounded and successful teacher in my future classroom. The dedicated Middle Level Education professors continue to support and encourage their students to grow into the best future educators. This program has provided me with numerous opportunities to gain experience and make connections in variety of diverse field placements across Lexington."

Ellie Jones

Middle Level Teacher Education

Admissions and Certification

You should complete an undergraduate admissions application and declare interest in Middle Level Teacher Education. Be sure to keep your grades on track. After completing 45 credit hours, you will need a minimum 2.75 college GPA to apply to the Teacher Education Program. 


You will be eligible to apply for certification in Kentucky upon graduation. 


Interested in teaching outside of Kentucky? See our list of teacher certifications by state

Graduation Requirements

To receive the B.A. degree in Middle Level Teacher Education, students must: (1) complete the UK Core Requirements; (2) complete the program related studies; and (3) complete the professional education component.

Apply for College of Education Scholarships

In addition to automatic and competitive scholarships from the University of Kentucky, our students are also eligible for a variety of scholarship awards from the College of Education.

For incoming freshmen the scholarship application deadline is February 1. 

For transfer and current students the scholarship application deadline is April 5.

Student Organizations

Students can find many opportunities to join organizations. Many of our Middle Level Teacher Education students are involved in:


Bluegrass Collegiate Middle Level Association

‚ÄčThis organization brings together and provide support for middle level education majors. They promote opportunities for the personal and professional development of its members.


Learn more about student organizations in our college.

State Authorization & Licensure

If you plan to complete a University of Kentucky online program while living outside of Kentucky, you should check the Out-of-State Students page to determine if the University of Kentucky is authorized to provide this program in your state of residence. If you plan to use the degree to seek licensure, you should also determine if the degree meets the educational requirements for licensure in your state.


Refund Policies

You can find tuition refund policies, deadlines, amounts, and other important information on the UK Student Account Services website.

Imagine Your Future

Middle School Teachers

Middle school teachers educate students, typically in sixth through eighth grades.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics | Click the link for more info.

Median Salary


per year in 2023

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in 2023

10 Year Job Outlook


new jobs (average)

Work Environment

Middle school teachers work in public and private schools. They generally work during school hours when students are present and use nights and weekends to prepare lessons and grade papers. Most do not work during the summer.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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