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Do you want to do more with a STEM degree? STEM teachers are in high demand, and making a difference in students’ lives is incredibly rewarding. If you love science, technology, engineering, or math and want to inspire young minds, this Bachelors of Science in Education program could be a wonderful path for you. In addition, there is often financial support for students to complete degrees in STEM education.  

Why Choose UK STEM Education?

  • Earn a double major in STEM Education and a content area (mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, or computer science) in just 120 credit hours.
  • We offer a unique transdisciplinary approach to teacher education.
  • You'll get hands-on experience in the field from year one.
  • Earning a content area major opens additional career and graduate school opportunities. 
  • Learn and grow through travel with student teaching abroad.


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photo of Beatrix Randolph
"I came to the University of Kentucky from out of state specifically for the STEM Education program. I've found inspiring professors who have become my mentors and collaborative peers who will become my coworkers. The College of Education has given me a community on campus that will support me throughout my career."

Beatrix Randolph

STEM Education

Admissions and Certification

You should complete an undergraduate admissions application and declare interest in STEM Education. Be sure to keep your grades on track. After completing 30 credit hours, you will need a minimum 2.75 college GPA to apply to the Teacher Education Program. 


You will be eligible to apply for certification in Kentucky upon graduation. 


Interested in teaching outside of Kentucky? See our list of teacher certifications by state

Graduation Requirements

To receive the B.S. degree in STEM Education and a content major (mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, computer science), you must: (1) complete the UK Core Requirements; (2) complete the program major requirements for both majors; and (3) complete the professional education component.

Apply for College of Education Scholarhips

In addition to automatic and competitive scholarships from the University of Kentucky, our students are also eligible for a variety of scholarship awards from the College of Education.

For incoming freshmen the scholarship application deadline is February 1. 

For transfer and current students the scholarship application deadline is April 1.

Student Organizations

Students can find many opportunities to join organizations. Many of our Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education students are involved in:


See Blue STEM Club

​The goal is to promote education in the STEM fields, to give students support as they prepare for careers in education, and to provide community outreach opportunities in the local community.


Learn more about student organizations in our college.

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High School Teachers

High school teachers teach academic lessons and various skills that students will need to attend college and to enter the job market.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics | Click the link for more info.

Median Salary


per year in 2023

Number of Jobs


in 2023

10 Year Job Outlook


new jobs (average)

Work Environment

High school teachers work in schools. They work during school hours but may also work evenings and weekends to prepare lessons and grade papers. Most do not teach during the summer.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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