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Bernadette Cortez

Director of Recruitment

College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

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The UK Clinical Leadership and Management (CLM) Bachelor of Health Sciences degree lays the groundwork for graduates to pursue graduate education and careers as competent, evidence-informed, effective leaders and life-long learners prepared to engage in ethical and interprofessional healthcare management practice. Graduates develop fundamental knowledge, values, and skills to lead with cultural humility and promote compassionate, efficient, responsive services to improve healthcare outcomes, the patient experience, access to healthcare, and quality of life for people. 


Grow Your Future

There are currently 5,710 jobs for healthcare managers in Kentucky (U.S. BLS). This is projected to grow by 16% in the next 6 years (CareerOneStop). In general, healthcare managers plan, direct, or coordinate medicine and health services in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health agencies, or similar organizations.

Students who graduate from the Clinical Leadership and Management Program are marketable in management positions of healthcare enterprises, able to assume greater responsibilities at their current jobs, more qualified for job promotions within their facility and may continue their studies at a graduate level. The CLM program provides for a more educated allied health care professional workforce for Kentucky communities (and beyond) and their patients, in turn, will be better served.

Classes & Requirements

Year 1 Fall

  • Composition & Communication I (3 hrs)
  • UK Core Citizenship (3 hrs)
  • UK Core Math (3 hrs)
  • UK Core Arts & Creativity (3 hrs)
  • CHS 150 Introduction to Interprofessional Healthcare Seminar (3 hrs)

Total hours: 15


Year 1 Spring

  • Composition & Communication II (3 hrs)
  • UK Core Statistics (STA 210/296) (3 hrs)
  • UK Core Social Science (PSY 100)  (3 hrs)
  • CLM 104 Mindfulness Practices & Stress Reduction (1 hr)
  • CLM 120  Introduction to Careers in Clinical Leadership & Management (2 hrs)
  • CLM 241  Health & Medical Care Delivery Systems (3 hrs)

Total hours: 15


Year 2 Fall

  • UK Core Natural Science (3 hrs)
  • UK Core Humanities (3 hrs)
  • Elective (3 hrs)
  • Elective (3 hrs)
  • CLM 300  Healthcare Managers: Write, Speak, Create (3 hrs)

Total hours: 15


Year 2 Spring

  • UK Core Global Dynamics (3 hrs)
  • Elective (3 hrs)
  • CLM 325  Introduction to Healthcare Management (3 hrs)
  • CLM 335 Health Information Management (3 hrs)
  • CHS 354  Interprofessional Evidence Based Decision Making (3 hrs)

Total hours: 15


Year 3 Fall

  • Elective (300 level or up) (3 hrs)
  • Elective (300 level or up) (3 hrs)
  • CLM 345  Quality & Productivity Improvement & Evaluation  (3 hrs)
  • CLM 350  Health Policy, Politics, & Law (3 hrs)
  • CLM 353  Ethics in Health Services Management (3 hrs)

Total hours: 15


Year 3 Spring

  • Elective (300 level or up) (3 hrs)
  • Elective (300 level or up) (3 hrs)
  • CLA 131  Medical Terminology (3 hrs)
  • CLM 323  Social Determinants in Health (3 hrs)
  • CLM 342  Leadership:  Management Competencies Essential to Lead in Healthcare (3 hrs)

Total hours: 15


Year 4 Fall

  • Elective (300 level or up) (3 hrs)
  • CLM 401  Practicum I: Foundations (3 hrs)
  • CLM 453  Cultural Competencies in Healthcare (3 hrs)
  • CLM 455  Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations (4 hrs)
  • CLM 480  Special Topics (3 hrs)

Total hours: 16


Year 4 Spring

  • CLM 443  Leadership: Strategic Vision, Mission, & Planning in Healthcare (3 hrs)
  • CLM 444   Leadership:  HR Management in Healthcare (3 hrs)
  • CLM 402  Practicum II: Intermediate (3 hrs)
  • CLM 403  Practicum III: Advanced (3 hrs)
  • CLM 495  Capstone (3 hrs)

Total hours: 15

Please note: Upper division CLM major courses will be available in an online format for full-time working students and may be offered in semesters other than the ones listed in the chart. You will work with your advisor to address any changes that need to be made with your individualized plan.

Practicum Note:  For full-time students, Practicums II and III will be taken in the final semester as an immersive experience of 8 weeks of placement in the field. The other classes will include 2 part of term courses before the placement begins (CLM 443 and 444), along with Capstone (CLM 495).  If you work full-time in health care, there is an opportunity to complete the practicum at your place of employment with permission from the Practicum Coordinator and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Clinical Leadership & Management.  For more information on the practicum, please contact Dr. Karen Clancy, Faculty Practicum Coordinator, at .

For students interested in more information on the curriculum or information on a part-time model, please contact Dr. Sarah Kercsmar, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Clinical Leadership & Management, at

UK Core Requirements

*CLM Prerequisites serving as Core

Clinical Leadership and Management students may elect to complete all UK Core requirements with any eligible course in each category. Due to major requirements, students are encouraged to make the following selections: PSY 100 for Social Sciences, ANT 230 for Natural, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, MA 137 for Quantitative Foundations, STA 296 for Statistical Inferential Reasoning, CIS/WRD 110 for Composition and Communication 1, CIS/WRD 111 for Composition and Communication 2, MA 123 for Quantitative Foundations, SOC 235 for Community, Culture, and Citizenship in the USA, and ANT 160 or GEO 161 for Global Dynamics.

Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a Bachelor's degree from the University of Kentucky in Clinical Leadership and Management, a student must complete courses that fulfill the UK CORE requirements, all required CLM related courses, and Graduation Composition and Communication requirement. 

Graduation Composition and Communication Requirement

Clinical Leadership and Management students will complete WRD 205 Intermediate Composition to satisfy the Graduation Composition and Communication Requirement.

Selective Admissions Requirements

Clinical Leadership and Management is selective as an incoming freshman or transfer student. Students can learn more and apply for consideration to be admitted to the major here.

Education Abroad Opportunities


While there are endless ways to create an unforgettable journey as a Wildcat, we can only think of one that gives you the chance to step outside the classroom and into exploring new parts of the world around you: participating in an Education Abroad opportunity

This will allow you to gain a global perspective and enhance future employability. As you take the first step towards investing in your future, we encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities UK has to offer. 

Research Opportunities

The College of Health Sciences (CHS) is offering an undergraduate certificate in Undergraduate Research in Human Health Sciences. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage and recognize undergraduate students who devote a significant portion of their undergraduate education to scholarly and research pursuits withinCHS. The Certificate in Undergraduate Research in Human Health Sciences provides any UK undergraduate student with the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge in interdisciplinary clinical, translational, and basic research in the human health sciences fields.

Living Learning Program

The Interprofessional Healthcare Residential College (IHRC) is a high-impact, living-learning program designed for highly-motivated students who have a passion for healthcare. The IHRC is the perfect way to immerse yourself in healthcare. Through connected coursework and co-curricular activities, students in the program enjoy an array of benefits, including smaller class sizes and enhanced study groups. IHRC students also gain special access to unique, healthcare-related opportunities, including undergraduate research, service-learning, and ongoing networking opportunities with faculty and clinicians as well as a dedicated team of live-in peer mentors.

To apply, select the "IHRC LLP" while completing the University of Kentucky housing application. For more information, visit University of Kentucky Housing website.


Bernadette Cortez

Director of Recruitment

College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

900 South Limestone Street

111 CT Wethington Building