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The minor in Criminology, offered by the Sociology Department, is designed to equip students seeking careers in criminal law, public policy, social/rehabilitative services, federal law enforcement, or victim advocacy with foundational knowledge and analytic skills for understanding criminal behavior and responses to it by the legal system.  Courses in the minor explore such topics as theories of criminal behavior; crime rates across social groups, regions, and countries; family violence; drug use; mental illness; media portrayals of crime; and mass incarceration.

Preminor Requirements 

SOC 235 - Inequalities in Society [3 hours]

Minor Requirements  

SOC 339 - Introduction to Criminology [3 hours]
One of the following: SOC 235, PSY 215, PS 372, ANT 302, SW 450, COM 365 [3-4 hours]
Students must also complete 9 additional hours of Criminology electives. For a complete list of approved electives please refer to the UKY Bulletin [9 hours]
Total Hours - 18
Criminology Minor