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The Minor in Indian Culture is designed to allow students to develop a more profound understanding of Indian culture. The curriculum is strongly interdisciplinary, encompassing courses in linguistics, anthropology, English, geography, mathematics, philosophy, political science, and sociology. Students completing the minor will possess: (1) a well-rounded, multidisciplinary understanding of the culture and geography of India and of contemporary Indian society and politics; and (2) a high degree of preparedness to pursue careers in business or teaching that require knowledge of Indian society and its traditions.

Minor Requirements

The minor in Indian Culture requires 18 hours of course work, as follows:
  1. Twelve hours of courses on India from anthropology, English, geography, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, political science, sociology, and independent studies in India. Students choose from the following courses:
    • ANT 327 Culture and Societies of India
    • GEO 330 Geography of South Asia
    • GEO 365 Topics in Regional Geography (subtitle required)
    • GEO 565 Topics in Geography
    • LIN 395 Independent Work
    • MA 330 History of Mathematics
    • MUS 330 Music in the World (subtitle required)
    • PHI 343 Asian Philosophy
    • SOC 380 Globalization: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
  2. Complete 6 additional hours of coursework for the Indian Culture minor in consultation with your advisor.
Total hours - 18
Indian Culture Minor