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Office of Undergraduate Admission

Office of Undergraduate Admission admission@uky.edu 859-257-2000
Fax: 859-257-3823

Admission Officers

Contact admission officers at (859) 257-2000.

Officer Alpha Applicant Type Phone Email
Sharon Murphy A-Cl Freshmen, Non-Degree 859-257-6168 sbmurp2@uky.edu
  All Paducah 859-257-6168 sbmurp2@uky.edu
Stephanie Knutson Cm-Gp Freshmen, Non-Degree 859-218-4063 smknut2@uky.edu
Morgan Blair Gq-Ki Freshmen, Non-Degree 859-257-7159 morganblair@uky.edu
Kayla Powell Kj-Ob Freshmen, Non-Degree 859-257-1806 kayla.powell@uky.edu
Jason Edwards Oc-Sl Freshmen, Non-Degree 859-257-3793 jason.m.edwards@uky.edu
Adam Higginbotham Sm-Z Freshmen, Non-Degree 859-257-7417 ahigg2@uky.edu
Savannah Grubb A-G Readmissions, Transfers, Project Graduates & Veterans 859-257-5458 savannah.grubb@uky.edu
Eugene McKnight H-O Readmissions, Transfers, Project Graduates & Veterans 859-218-1726 eugenemcknight@uky.edu
Karie Owens P-Z Readmissions, Transfers, Project Graduates & Veterans 859-257-3979 karie.owens@uky.edu
Patrick Justice A-K International & Permanent Residents 859-257-4708 patrick.justice@uky.edu
Lindsey Shipp L-Z International & Permanent Residents 859-218-0124 shipp@uky.edu
Michelle Garth All Athletes 859-257-3908 michellegarth@uky.edu


Visitor Center

Director Taylor Blair 859-257-3595
Associate Director Grace Neely 859-257-3547


Advising Conference and Residency


Associate Director Stephen Barnett 859-257-3256




Senior Associate Director Jonathan Blazejewski 859-257-5091
Associate Director of Diversity Recruitment Buzz Burnham 859-323-6342
Associate Director of Admissions, KY resident recruitment  Cara Franke 859-257-8126
Associate Director of Admissions, nonresident recruitment Lindsey Atkinson 859-257-2744
Office Manager Nathan Davis 859-257-7151


Admissions Counselors


Logan Sparks 859-257-6438
Grace Thompson 859-257-5095
Bernadette Cortez 859-257-0074 
Ashley Beck 859-257-1695
Clayton Abernathy 859-257-0066
Rachel Clark 859-257-0067
Addison Mills 859-257-3150
Josh Palmer 859-257-0076
Erica Shipley 859-257-5217
Jacob Westover 859-257-2104
Rebecca Cole 859-257-5269


Transfer Admissions

Transfer Admission Office UKTransfer@uky.edu 859-257-2000
Interim Director of Transfer Admissions Sara Price 859-218-1561


Admission Officers  (Transfer, Readmit, Project Graduate, and Veterans) Alphabetical Split Email Phone
Savannah Grubb Last names A-G savannah.grubb@uky.edu 859-257-5458
Eugene McKnight Last names H-O eugenemcknight@uky.edu 859-218-1726
Karie Owens Last names P-Z karie.owens@uky.edu 859-257-3979


Transfer Advisors Territory Email Phone
Aaron Vaught All east Kentucky schools; Out-of-state students with last names A-G aaron.vaught@uky.edu 859-257-2031
Kelsey Carew All BCTC campuses; Out-of-state students with last names H-O kelsey.carew@uky.edu 859-257-2637
Zac Lewis All west Kentucky schools; Out-of-state students with last names P-Z zachary.lewis@uky.edu 859-257-7595


Equivalency Officers Alphabetical Split Email Phone
Barbara Palmquist Last names A-K bjpalm0@uky.edu 859-257-9532
Cory Hershberger Last names L-Z cory.hershberger@uky.edu


Adult Student Services

Undergraduate Admission   859-257-2000


Additional Information

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