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Hello. KHP faculty would like to share information about some of our courses in KHP that may be of interest to your students. Life Fitness is a series of courses that are designed to increase physical activity levels within the UK student body. We have a variety of classes that range from group fitness and weight training to team/individual sports. Our courses appeal to a number of students across campus because they are each worth 1-credit and help the students to lead healthier lifestyles. Enrollment is low for a few of our Life Fitness Classes for the fall semester, so we were wondering if you wouldn’t mind mentioning these classes to those who might be interested in the opportunity to engage in physical fitness while earning credits!

Below please find a link to information regarding the Life Fitness Program. If you know any students that need single credit courses, please do not hesitate to send them our way or encourage them to enroll for the fall semester. Thanks so much!