Nutrient Management Planning

The Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Act states that landowners with 10 or more acres who land-apply plant-available nutrients or who export manure must develop and implement a Nutrient Management Plan as part of their Agriculture Water Quality Plan. Use the Nutrient Management Plan Flow Charts to determine if a Nutrient Management Plan is needed for your operation, and if so, what kind.

If a Kentucky Nutrient Management Plan (KyNMP) is required, the following tools and resources can be used to develop your plan.

    To develop a KyNMP by hand or for further information, see the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension publication Kentucky Nutrient Management Planning Guidelines (KyNMP) (ID-211).

Nutrient Management Calculator (Microsoft Excel Macro Enabled Workbook)  

 To develop a KyNMP using an Excel workbook, download the Kentucky Nutrient Management Calculator (v 3.5). Be sure to enable macros and the content after opening the document. Instructions are provided in the first tab of the workbook. If you have a comment, suggestion, or concern about the Calculator, please email or call (859) 218-4327.

    Worksheet 1 – Estimating Nutrients Generated  
        Solids Example (PDF)
        Liquids Example (PDF)

        Solids (PDF)
        Liquids (PDF)

    Worksheet 2 – Nutrient Balance
        Solids (PDF)
        Liquids (PDF)

    Worksheet 3 – Application Rates and Land Requirements (PDF)


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