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Graduate Seminar Calendar

Each Friday during the academic year, BAE hosts a seminar in Room 236 from 11am to noon.

Date Speaker Major Advisor Subject/Title
1/13/2017 Sue Nokes, Alicia Modenbach Introductions; Graduate Seminar Orientation and Updates
1/20/2017 Morgan Hayes, Joe Dvorak, Bill Ford, Akinbode Adedeji Graduate Student Recruitment Event
1/27/2017 Ian McClure, UK OTC Office of Technology Commercialization Reorganization
2/3/2017 Glen Aiken, USDA ARS The FAPRU-UK Partnership in the Conduct of Forage Research
2/10/2017 Matthew Weisenberger, UK CAER Our work with carbons and other semi smart materials
2/17/2017 Whitney Blackburn-Lynch, Jennifer Lovely, UK COE First Year Engineering Program
2/24/2017 Josh McGrath, UK Plant and Soil Sciences Engineering nutrient management solutions
3/3/2017 Graduate Research Assistant Braydi McPherson-Hathaway, Graduate Research Assistant Sam Austen Colliver, Agouridis Residential End-Use Energy Consumption Monitoring for a Case Study in Southern Kentucky, Effects of Stream Restoration on Pollutant Load Reductions in an Urban Watershed
3/10/2017 Kimberly Tumlin, UK College of Public Health Strategic syllabi: How can I possibly teach more students?
3/17/2017 SPRING BREAK    
3/24/2017 William Jorgenson, Vanguard Renewables Anaerobic digestion on-farm
3/31/2017 Graduate Research Assistant Enshi Liu Shi TBA
4/7/2017 Graduate Research Assistant Luke Dodge, Graduate Research Assistant Joe Woomer Shi, Adedeji TBA
4/14/2017 Graduate Research Assistant Joe Stevens, Graduate Research Assistant Morgan Gerlitz Shi, Agouridis TBA
4/21/2017; Graduate Research Assistant Hasan Seyyedhasani Dvorak Using the Vehicles Routing Problem (VRP) to provide logistics solutions in agriculture
4/28/2017 Graduate Research Assistant Katie Wolf Sama and Taraba TBA


Contact Alicia Modenbach to schedule a seminar time.