Please welcome new graduate students

The Department will have an influx of new graduate students this year, some new to the department, some returning undergraduate students. To make sure you know a little bit about the fresh faces in the hall, we'll be introducing them here, in the BAE News section, as they join the department.

The first batch is already hard at work, spending the summer on different BAE projects. All were asked to answer a few questions to provide background and context. We hope you'll take a moment to read what they had to say. Please give them a warm welcome when you see them in the halls. 

Sam Austen

For my summer work, I'm researching the influence of land use on soil bulk density, infiltration and NRCS runoff curve number for Fayette County with Dr. Edwards. My undergrad specialization was the bioenvironmental track of BAE here at UK. My grad specialization is bioenvironmental as well, with focuses on stream and watershed restoration, as well as runoff, surface, and groundwater interactions working with Dr. Agouridis.

Luke Dodge

I'll be looking at how NaOH and Phanerochaete chrysosporium (white rot) work as pretreatments on mini bales. My undergraduate area of specialization was food and bioprocessing, and I want to say it will still be bioprocessing for my graduate work. My undergraduate advisor was Dr. Crofcheck, and my graduate advisor will be Dr. Shi. I volunteer at Southland Christian Church High School Ministry and have a group of 9th grade boys. I was BAE Student Branch President from Fall 2015 to Spring 2016. During senior year I worked under Dr. Nokes working on mini bales. I'm an adrenaline junkie! I love going skydiving, white water rafting, and bungee jumping!

Chris Good

This summer I am redesigning a testing unit used specifically for conducting research in a lab environment for Dr. Payne's milk coagulation experiments. As an undergrad, I took the Prebiomedical Engineering route that was offered by Biosystems and Agriculture Engineering. For grad school, I am working toward a machine systems degree with interests in precision agriculture. My undergrad advisor was Dr. Crofcheck, and for grad school my advisor is Dr. Sama.

Joe Stevens

It looks like I'll be working on a couple of different projects this summer. I'll be helping Luke (Dodge) continue the work he did this past semester on his project (white rot). I'll also be conducting some feasibility experiments with Dr. Shi for a potential future project. For my undergrad at Virginia Tech I specialized in biomolecular engineering. For my graduate career at UK, I'll be specializing in food and bioprocess engineering. My grad advisor is going to be Dr. Shi. I've already got my name on a couple of publications, one as co-lead author. The paper that I co-lead authored is titled "Pathway compartmentalization in peroxisome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to produce versatile medium chain fatty alcohols." I'll be presenting this research at the 2016 ASABE International Meeting in Orlando this July. I'm really looking forward to doing some great work here at UK with some excellent people. Also, if anyone is interested in coffee, music, video games or anything else under the sun, they can feel free to stop by and chat about anything!