Graduate Spotlight: Kaitlyn Spadoni

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Spadoni, BH WELL Instructional Design Project Assistant, for graduating with a Master’s in Instructional Systems Design. 

She has been with BH WELL since Fall 2020 when she began her program. Kaitlyn wanted to work with BH WELL to make an impact on people living with mental health disorders. She drafted a nine-module, self-paced learning program to help people living with mental health challenges stop using tobacco products.

BH WELL Executive Director, Dr. Zim Okoli, shares, “Kaitlyn has worked on an important project to provide easily accessible tobacco treatment programming to people living with mental and behavioral health challenges. Her development of the program using principles of instructional design has been crucial in ensuring that we have a product that supports people in their journey to recovery. We are so grateful for her being part of BH WELL.”

Congratulations Kaitlyn and best of luck on your future ventures!