Meet the Artist: Dotty Berryman

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

News Contributor: Kylie Pemberton

Dorothy “Dotty” K. Berryman is the artist for BH WELL’s The Dimensions comic book series. She creates each page by hand from rough sketch to inking and coloring! Berryman says her niche has been art as long as she can remember. Art is her form of self-care-- the process of turning a visual in her mind into something readers can see and touch is therapeutic! 

When creating art for others, Berryman strives for balance. She explains, “I can take someone’s idea that they can’t put into a visual medium and make it happen for them and see their reaction to it. I try to satisfy what they were picturing in their head while also bringing my own style to the product.”

The Dimensions comic book series is a unique and engaging way to share important health information and research. Berryman believes that images are a great way to communicate science, especially for people who might not be interested in reading academic articles. 

As someone who focused on stand-alone art pieces until this project, Berryman says her biggest challenge with creating the BH WELL comics was learning how to present a full story visually. The artist must have an eye to determine what details are particularly important to include visually.

One of her favorite aspects of the comic series is character development. “For example, the second book in the series features Leo.  As his character develops, it becomes clear that he highly values independence. He didn’t necessarily want to accept help from friends but eventually did. He learns it is okay to rely on others from time to time.”

BH WELL is grateful to have Berryman as a part of the team. Her keen eye, artistic talent, and background in studio art are a great contribution to the team of research experts. Oh! And look for Dotty as The Dimensions biggest fan in the first comic When Nicotine Attacks: Fight the Crave.

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