National Conference on Tobacco OR Health

The Behavioral Health Wellness Environments for Living and Learning (BH WELL) research team presented virtually at the National Conference on Tobacco OR Health (NCTOH) to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 28-30, 2022. Per the NCTOH conference website, they are one of the largest, long-standing gatherings for top United States tobacco control professionals. The conference examined the latest evidence in tobacco control and how to apply current research findings and best practices in tobacco control policy, advocacy, and programs.

Compassion Satisfaction, Burnout, and Secondary Traumatic Stress Among Nursing Staff at an Academic Medical Center: A Cross-Sectional Analysis


Although several studies have recently described compassion satisfaction (CS), burnout (BO), and secondary traumatic stress (STS) in nurses, few to date have examined these issues across nursing specialties. Such examination is needed to inform future nursing-subspecialty tailored interventions.


To examine (1) differences in CS, BO, and STS across nursing specialties and (2) differences associated with demographic, work-related, and behavioral factors among nurses.


A secondary analysis of survey responses from nurses (N = 350) at an academic medical center. Demographic, behavioral, work-related, and professional quality of life variables were analyzed using hierarchical regression analyses.


CS, BO, and STS scores significantly varied across specialties with emergency nurses experiencing significantly elevated rates of BO and STS, and lowest rates of CS; scores were also differentially associated with demographic, work-related, behavioral, and workplace violence variables.


Key differences in CS, BO, and STS by nursing specialty suggests the importance of tailoring BO and STS mitigative interventions. BO and STS risk factors should be assessed in nurses (e.g., behavioral health problems and poor sleep quality) and specialty-specific interventions (e.g., reducing workplace violence exposure in emergency settings) may be considered to improve CS while reducing BO and STS among nurses.

Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health

The Tampa Conference Webinar Series was held by the Children's Mental Health Network. This was hosted in place of the in person conference scheduled for March 2020. The webinar was presented by KVC Kentucky's Jarrod Dungan along with Denise Jones and BH WELL Director Dr. Zim Okoli. The webinar covers the development of Patient Experience Questionnaire Measuring Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Care in Behavioral Healthcare Environment.

Suicide Prevention

Today on the vlog we have with us Marc Woods, Assistant Chief Nurse Executive for Behavioral Health at UK Healthcare. Marc discusses suicide prevention and emphasizes the importance of understanding your ability to have an impact on the lives of those you love. He explains that simply asking friends and family about concerning changes in their behavior is a simple start to a conversation about suicide prevention. Asking someone if they are contemplating suicide can make a difference.

6 Ways Occupational Therapists Can Support People Living with Mental Illnesses

Occupational therapists work to help individuals improve everyday life skills so that they can better participate in home, school, work or wherever they may be. Many people know occupational therapists help children with disabilities or adults recovering from injury. BUT did you know that occupational therapists also help people living with mental illnesses?