Beth Austin

Associate Director, Career Advising

Beth Austin has served as the Associate Director of Career Advising at the Stuckert Career Center since January 2019. After completing her BA in Spanish and French, Beth planned to teach languages while pursuing an MA in Spanish, and then work and teach at the college level.  Her plans changed when she became an active duty military spouse.  Beth has passionately served in the areas of academic and career advising, training, and military family readiness for more than two decades.  After two tours in Hawaii and living in California, Florida, and Colorado, Beth is happy to be back home in Kentucky. Beth is currently a UK 101/201 instructor, a UK Staff Senator, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education at the University of Kentucky. She is also an Integrated Student Success Coach.

Prior job that shaped her:  While each position Beth has held has provided her with great experiences, skills, and tools, her previous position with a Department of Defense contract serving military spouses within a virtual career center significantly shaped her.  Leading a team of around 15 Education & Career Advisors who were geographically dispersed lead Beth to develop creative ways to support and engage with her team. 

How she describes herself:  Beth is loyal, compassionate, and fun-loving.  She is an introvert by nature, but she enjoys speaking to and with groups.  She is a lifelong learner and is willing to try just about anything once, except if snakes or parachutes are involved.

What she enjoys doing outside of work:  Cooking with new ingredients and flavors, spending time with family and friends, and home organization and decoration.

A goal in life:  Write and publish a book.

Fun fact:  Beth was awarded an all-expense-paid trip to Spain in high school after achieving the highest score in the state of Kentucky on the National Spanish Exam.