Credit-bearing Internships


Once you have an internship offer . . .

  • Ask a professor to work with you as your faculty sponsor
    • Must have faculty status 
    • Meets with you for discussion throughout the semester and is your accountability partner during your experience
    • Co-creates the assignments with the student to help the student meet their EXP goals
    • Determines your grade and submits it to Experiential Education and Career Services
  • Complete a Learning Contract on Experiences in Handshake 
    • Select EXP 396/650 or EXP 397 Full-Time Internship under "Experience Type" 
    • Complete form with as much information as you have and this is recommended to be completed with your faculty sponsor.
  • Learning Contract will be reviewed by EXP Coordinator 
    • Your faculty sponsor will get an e-mail to approve your learning contract 
  • EXP Coordinator will issues you the overrides for the appropriate course and section and you can enroll in the course on myUK.
    • You will get an e-mail confirming that you have completed the enrollment process and which section to enroll. 
During your internship semester, you will receive evaluations to reflect and update your experience as well as submit your accrued hours for your internship at the end of term to verify that you are eligible to earn the credits that you submitted at the beginning of the semester. 
Questions? Contact or call 859.257.2746 press #2.