Micro-Internship Program

The Micro-Internship Program

The University of Kentucky’s Micro-Internship Program provides organizations with a competitive advantage when recruiting Kentucky students. By offering these short-term assignments, you can gain early access to high-potential students, support your diversity and inclusion efforts, and enhance your brand on campus, all of which lead to improved hiring outcomes. Micro-Internships don’t replace your existing internship program or on-campus recruiting efforts, and hiring managers value the ease and efficiency that micro-internships offer for connecting talented students with real-time project needs. Click here to learn more or get started.

What is Micro-Internship?

A micro-internship are short-term, professional assignments, comparable to those tasks that could be given to a new hire or a summer intern – some common examples are content creation, industry research, data cleansing, and social media support. A typical micro-internship require 5-40 hours of work by the student (in total), are typically due a few days to a few weeks out, and can be completed remotely. Companies set the fixed price the student will be paid for each micro-internship (often between $150 and $600 depending on the project scope) and select who they want.

Not only does the short-term nature of micro-internship allow you to identify and build relationships with potential candidates for internships and full-time roles before the typical recruiting process begins, you can also assess their competences, including core skills such as communication, problem-solving, and grit that are otherwise difficult to evaluate. And since the students are working on real tasks, hiring managers are excited for the extra support.

A Competitive Advantage for Campus Recruiting

Micro-Internships make it easy for you to identify and build relationships with potential candidates for internships and full-time roles, introducing your company and its opportunities to students early in their academic careers. Whether a student is already interested in roles at your organization or has never considered them, the short-term nature and limited commitment requirement of micro-internships allow both you and students to authentically engage and explore fit. As a result, you can both expand the pool of potential candidates, while also focusing your efforts on those with whom there is mutual interest based upon these real, professional interactions.

How it Works

Offering micro-internships is easy. They can be created on demand, and there are no commitments or administrative burdens since the students participating in micro-internships are not your employees, interns, or contractors.

If you are interested in learning more about how micro-internships work and can serve as an invaluable component of your campus recruiting efforts, you can schedule time directly here.