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  • At “Fostering Community and Belonging” this past week, participants explored the dynamics of classroom communities and discussed how inclusive teaching promotes community and belonging in the academic setting. Read more of Dr. Shauna Morgan's reflections in this blog post.

  • banner image detail from curiosity fair participation flyer

    You do cool research; you teach cool ideas, show our community by registering to do a 5-7 min demo to create curiosity about the cool stuff we do at UK. The Second Curiosity Fair will be held on Oct 29 from 4-6pm. Accepting submissions until Sep 30.

  • from the desk of Buddy Hall, resident Canvas expert in UK Online

    To support our commitment to a more inclusive campus, we’re excited to introduce a new tool called Ally into Canvas courses to help improve the accessibility of course content. Ally doesn’t change how anything works in your course, and it won’t affect your course files.