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Innovation + Design Lab 2016

CELT staff and ID Lab participants holding posters of learning outcomes

By Nicole L. Martin
August 26, 2016

One of the most commonly held misconceptions is that faculty spend academic breaks mentally (and physically) removed from the classroom. In truth, the long summer days are often a welcome opportunity for professors to shift focus to research and writing, both of which can be quickly elided during the fall and spring. But while a lengthy break from teaching is often needed after the frenzy of a semester, many professors take only a quick pause before beginning to plan for their fall courses.

Last spring, on May 10-12, 2016, instructors from across campus met with the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) to begin course prep work at the third annual Innovation + Design Lab (I+D Lab). As part of the eLearning Innovation Initiative (eLII), the I+D Lab is a three-day intensive instructional design workshop for UK faculty members to develop tech-enhanced face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

Launched in 2013, eLII is a partnership between the Office of the Provost, Analytics and Technology (UKAT) and CELT. Participation in the I+D Lab is supported by individual grants awarded through the Faculty Skill Development initiative.

The goal of the I+D Lab is to encourage teaching innovation by exposing faculty to research-based practices that can be applied to courses that are delivered across modalities and teaching environments.

The lab offers an encouraging space to explore the variant range of pedagogical approaches and teaching technologies currently available.

Faculty participants are led through a series of panels, presentations, and hands-on experiences designed to put student learning at the forefront of course design. This year, nearly 40 faculty members from across campus participated in the workshop making it the largest I+D Lab cohort to date.

While enhancing teaching through technology is the goal, the real value lies in the relationships that develop. Through the I+D Lab, faculty are brought together to create an interdisciplinary community with a shared passion for teaching and learning. Their collaboration and commitment to innovative pedagogy are critical to the continued success of UK’s student population.

Here's what some of this year’s cohort had to say.

celt director kathi kern discussing the role of learning outcomes at the 2016 innovation and design lab

“Had a great time! Thank you to everyone who helped get the creative juices flowing! I really look forward to seeing others from the cohort as eLII continues.”

I+D lab participants discussing universal design for learning

“Thank you for a thought-provoking and highly engaging series! I am very glad that I had the opportunity to participate in it.”

I+D lab participants discussing teaching projects

“Great job! Thanks for making this workshop available. Your team put a lot of thought and hard work into designing and implementing it. When I think about how many pieces you had to put in place--all those great visiting faculty, all that planning for every hour--I am really impressed. It was a terrific crash course, and opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities I had not considered. I look forward to next steps, either down the road or into the water or choosing with chopsticks, depending on which closing metaphor you prefer. Thank you!”

celt consultant cara worick leading a group discussion at I+D lab 2016

“Thanks to everyone who participated in leading the 3 day workshop. Great job!!! I learned things, developed better relationships with CELT and e-Learning staff, and began to develop community with other faculty involved in on line or hybrid teaching/learning initiatives.”

engineering faculty at I+D lab 2016

“I learned so much and I loved the combination of hands on learning and reflective exercises. Thank you!”

I+D lab 2016 participants discussing teaching projects

I+D Lab 2016 participants taking a moment to smile for the camera