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Award Winning Teachers: Benjamin Braun, Mathematics

As the nominations for the 2020 Outstanding Teaching Awards are submitted this month to The Office for Faculty Advancement, I sat down with Benjamin Braun, associate mathematics professor, who was a recipient of the award in 2019. In our interview, Ben discussed the benefits of engineering a classroom environment where learning (and failure) are public, allowing all students a chance to find their strengths and build resilience in academic settings.

Award Winning Teachers profile, photo of Benjamin Braun, mathematics professor

Award Winning Teachers: Jennifer Osterhage, Biology

Every year, The Office for Faculty Advancement, with support from CELT, awards faculty and graduate teaching assistants for outstanding teaching. These individuals are recognized for their powerful impact within their classrooms and dedication to innovative pedagogy. As the nominations for the 2020 awards are submitted this month, I sat down with Dr. Jennifer Osterhage, professor of Biology, who was a 2019 recipient of the award.

Award Winning Teachers profile, photo of Jennifer Osterhage, biology professor

Proactive, not Reactive: A chat about Distance Learning with Michia Brangers

In her role at TLAI and UK Online, Michia Brangers is responsible for coordinating recruitment and enrollment activity for online students. I sat down with Michia a few days ago to chat about National Distance Learning Week (November 4-8) as well as her vision and mission for online education. Michia's approach is student-centered and stresses the importance of contextualizing the online learning environment.

Supporting First Generation Students

This week is recognized as National First-Generation College Student Week! As part of UK’s commitment to inclusive teaching and learning, we didn’t want this week to pass without discussing the importance of engaging first generation students in the classroom, as well as some practical strategies for instructors to support first-generation student success.

App Round-Up

As we begin to explore the impact of the Smart Campus Initiative on teaching and learning at the University of Kentucky, we are discovering a whole world of apps that can help us achieve our classroom goals, check in with students, and guide them to effective, meaningful group collaboration. If you’re not sure where to get started, I’ve gathered some of CELT’s favorite apps to inspire innovative lesson plans.

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Community & Belonging in the Classroom

At “Fostering Community and Belonging” this past week, participants explored the dynamics of classroom communities and discussed how inclusive teaching promotes community and belonging in the academic setting. Read more of Dr. Shauna Morgan's reflections in this blog post.