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Public Speaking in the Profession: How to Deliver Conference Papers and Job Talks (for Grad Students and Postdocs)

Event Location: 
W. T. Young Library, Alumni Gallery
Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 10:00am

The event concludes at 1:00 PM. Light lunch will be provided.

Next Monday and Tuesday, UK graduate students and postdocs will have a rare opportunity to learn techniques of audience engagement with one of the country’s leading academic performance specialists, Dr. Daniel Pollack-Pelzner. A former public speaking coach, Dr. Pelzner is the Ronnie Lacroute Chair in Shakespeare Studies at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. He will be on campus to lead two workshops, a two-hour session focused on teaching and communicating research to public audiences, and a three-hour session on presenting at academic conferences and job talks. Preregistration is required (preferably by Oct. 5th for refreshment and lunch count purposes).

You've written a wonderful paper, but how do you turn it into a compelling presentation? There is a wide gap between composing your ideas on the page and sharing them with a live audience at a conference or job talk--and that gap makes the difference between enchantment and boredom. This participatory workshop will allow you to practice the most effective strategies for presentation: how to use your voice and body, how to revise your prose for oral delivery, how to engage your audience in the intellectual excitement of your argument, and how to respond to challenging questions. Please bring the first page of a paper that you would like to give as a talk. Note: This session is designed for graduate students and postdocs in English, History, and other humanities and social sciences, but students in other disciplines are welcome.

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