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Reading Wikipedia Critically: Immigrants & Allies Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

Event Location: 
B108C William T Young Library
Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 3:00pm

Event concludes at 7:00, but will be held on a drop-in basis. Free pizza for student participants will be served at 5:00. Visit the UK Libraries home page for the event here.

"Wikipedia entries cannot be considered as a reliable source of information, as they can be amended by Wikipedia’s users and therefore these could only be considered relevant as far as they are supported by other pieces of independent concrete evidence."
— European Union Intellectual Property Office decision against McDonald's Big Mac trademark on January 11, 2019, related specifically to the submission of Wikipedia articles as part of the evidence

What is it?

UK Libraries and CELT have partnered to host a Wikipedia edit-a-thon that aims to engage students in the act of reading Wikipedia critically to promote the development of digital, informational, and research literacies.

How does it work?

On a drop-in basis, students can work with staff from UK Libraries and CELT to identify Wikipedia articles of interest, to assess where the credibility of the articles can be improved, and to make a few of those improvements themselves. In addition to the pedagogical value of involving students in the process of evaluating and improving information sources, the edit-a-thon presents an opportunity for students to make a real impact on one of the most popular web resources in the world.

How could this work for you?

We will be reaching out to students, but we also think that there is an opportunity to work with instructors to consider how the edit-a-thon may align with their course goals, whether subject mastery or research literacies. This may represent an extracurricular event of interest, or it may also present an opportunity for students to complete extra credit work. Either way, should you be interested, please contact CELT Associate Director Trey Conatser at and we will begin a dialogue.

What are the possibilities?

One possible approach, for example, would be to identify a short list of topics or articles for your students to work with during the edit-a-thon (as well as the most salient issues regarding credibility and content on which you'd like students to focus). Another possibility is integrating students' work during the edit-a-thon into larger course assignments (perhaps, say, a research project), or designing a reflective activity for students to think through and share the experience of assessing the credibility of web resources.

What if you need a starting place?

For students who attend the event without a disposition towards subject matter, we have chosen a theme of “Immigrants and Allies” and compiled institutional resources that students may bring to bear on specific articles of interest. This theme, in fact, may align with your course content or learning outcomes. The technical matter of registering for and using a Wikipedia editor’s account will be handled by Libraries and CELT staff at the event.

How can students sign up?

Students may register using this link: