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UK Online Spring Training

Event Location: 
502 King Science and Engineering Library
Event Date: 
Friday, February 7, 2020 - 12:00pm

Event concludes at 4:00.

Last summer, UK Online and CELT hosted several 3-day "summer camps" for faculty developing online courses to make substantial progress with hands-on assistance from the instructional designers, instructional consultants, educational technologists, and other specialists on our staff. The response was positive, and we will host these camps again. In the meantime, apropos of baseball season, we will offer two spring training sessions on Friday afternoons during the spring semester.

Like our summer camps, you will spend the time with direct, hands-on assistance from our faculty instructional consultants, instructional designers, educational technologists, and media crew. You may have specific goals for the time, and you may want to work with our staff to set some goals for the session. Either way, we'll be eager to support you in a way that best accomplishes the most meaningful work for your online course(s).

We will provide lunch to kick things off, and work with you for the rest of the afternoon.

Who should register? Any faculty (a) currently teaching an online course during the spring 2020 semester, (b) working on online courses for summer and fall 2020, as well as (c) who would like to debrief on or review their fall 2019 online teaching experience. (Especially, in all cases, if you have been working with a program funded through the UK Online initiative.) TL;DR: if you're developing or teaching an online course, this afternoon is for you.

Click here to register! If you have questions, send them to Kelley Cruse at