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Creating a UK Syllabus

A syllabus provides students with information on course requirements and policies, ways to contact you, your expectations for performance, and a schedule of topics. It can also include items such as your teaching philosophy and advice to students on note-taking, critical reading, study habits, and other ways to succeed in your course and others. According to the UK Office of Academic Ombud Services, the syllabus is a contract between the instructor and the student. It should contain information that is clear, explicit, and complete. It must be provided (by paper or electronic) free of charge to students during the first or second class meeting of the semester.

Links to UK syllabus resources are available below.

For additional information or assistance on creating a syllabus, visit CELT in room 502 or 518 in the King Science and Engineering Library or contact one of the CELT staff.


University Senate Syllabus Guidelines

Office of Academic Ombud Services Syllabus Advice