G-DOC Grants

Graduate Diversity Organization’s Collective (G-DOC) Programming and Development Funds 

The Graduate Diversity Organization’s Collective (G-DOC) was established to promote a stronger sense of shared community among graduate student organizations and/or graduate student groups representing and/or working explicitly around diversity initiatives.  The focus of G-DOC is to encourage greater collaboration in programming efforts. All member organizations within G-DOC benefit from collaborative intergroup planning, access to programming and development funds, and increased exposure for organizational events.

Organizations that receive funding will be recognized and have the opportunity to present their professional development experiences at the Graduate Diversity Honors Reception TBD. 



  • Organization or group caters to the needs of underrepresented minority students at the graduate and/or professional level.
  • The program or activity must engage the campus community or result in a presentation of information to the community (i.e., following a conference sponsorship).
  • Complete application must be submitted by the deadline.
  • Organizations are eligible for one allocation per year unless additional funds become available.  In which case, organizations may submit a second application.
  • Events must meet the university's social distancing policies or be completed virtually

Proposal Submissions

  • All proposals must be submitted by the designated dates to be considered.
  • Grants are up to $500 per programming opportunity


Applications must be submitted by midnight on:

  • TBD

Proposal Evaluation Process

  • Strength of program concept  
  • Program’s potential to meet student/campus interests/needs  
  • Program’s alignment with the mission of the Graduate Diversity Organizations Collective 
  • Logistical strength of program (is there proper time to plan, are logistics well thought out, etc.)  

Participant Expectations:

PD Grant Recipients will be expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Timeliness. Programing fees, other expenses will be pre-paid by CGPDI. 
  • Awarded grant money must be used by June 30th of the fiscal year for the award. 
  • Submit a report (approx. 500 words) reflecting on the experience, 3-4 photos of student organization engaged in the grant activity (videos may also be submitted) - due within two weeks of experience
  • Award recipients will be recognized, and are expected to present on their program experiences at, the Graduate Diversity Honors Reception on Friday April 23rd.


Award Funding Process

  • Event expenses will be pre-paid by CGPDI. There will be no reimbursements for awarded groups.  
  • Funding that can be allocated without up-front cost (i.e. paid directly from G-DOC funds) includes promotional items from Underground Printing, Southland Printing, and any other UK approved vendors, and performance artists that include but are not limited to lecture speakers, poets, singers, dancers, musical artists & DJ’s.

Grant Applications will be available soon.