October 25th Drupal Lounge

We will be hosting our October Drupal Lounge on Thursday the 25th from 2-4p.m. in the James Hardymon Building room 100. The Hardymon Building, for those who do not know, is located on the corner on Rose and East Maxwell. We encourage participants to post potential discussion topics, ask any questions you might have, or share any helpful Drupal knowledge. The Lounge will be a casual get together designed to be both fun and helpful, there will also be snacks and refreshments provided! See you all there.

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Drupal Lounge
October 25, 2012
Agenda 2-4 p.m.

1. Allow people time to get a snack/drink

2. Introduction of Presentation Staff

3.Introduction of participants (pass out the Sign In Sheets)
- Who are you?
- What do you do?
- What brings you here?
- What departments are you from?
- What are you using Drupal for?

4. Then present? (If JR has any topics he wants to first cover)

5. General Q & A
- Allow the people to ask any questions they may have

6. Propose a Drupal Member Directory
- The sign in sheet will ask for your email
- Do you want the Drupal Team to set this up or do you want a place for you to create you own personal profile to connect with one another

7. Ask if the CMS site is being used? Is it helpful? What else could be done?

8. Suggest potential dates for next Lounge?

9. Ending comments and concerns.