I'm a newbie.
I want to create pages which include screenshots, pictures, etc. I have created some pages already but the images are lost sometimes.
Any assistance will be much appreciated.



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Hello Ben -

There are several ways to go about images - one is to add an image field to a content type - probably to the basic page content type that you are using for images and then set the image to display below or before the text.

If you want to embed images then there are two ways - to have something like CKEditor and IMCE installed and configured and then you can just insert them like you would in Word; or if you know enough HTML you can copy the link to the file attached through an image field and inject it into your page.

Can you post an example of a page with an image on your site?

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Sorry, but I seem to lose the screenshots when I try to include them here. I am using the UKIT Drupal test site to build these pages. If you have access to it, look for my pages under the newsletters. When I checked a few minutes ago, all of the images were gone from every one of my pages. I may not be looking in the right place, but I do not see CKEditor and/or IMCE installed.