Welcome to UK's Community of Concern online resource and reporting system.

University of Kentucky's Community of Concern was established in 2011 to provide support for students and employees in crisis, or those who have been identified as exhibiting concerning or worrisome behavior. Our office works closely with campus resources to provide early intervention for students who may be struggling personally, or whose behavior has led others to be concerned for their well-being.CoC is also the central hub to address students' immediate basic food and housing needs. Our Case Managers meet with students to provide connection and access to resources, create action plans for success, and monitor student progress.


The Community of Concern Team also oversees the following initiatives: 

  • A review process for cases involving students and/or employees of concern.
  • Greater engagement of the University community with efforts to report and address issues of concern.
  • An online reporting system to ease reporting and therefore response to situations of concern.
  • Enhanced efforts to connect students, faculty and staff with the counseling and support resources when needed.



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