Student FAQ

I got a letter from the CSI. Am I in trouble?

Meetings with the Center for Support and Intervention aren’t disciplinary in nature. Faculty, staff, and students can submit a referral to the Center for Support and Intervention when they are concerned about the wellbeing of a student.. The Center for Support and Intervention will work with you to provide support regarding current stressors and assist you with:
  • Accessing resources that provide needed support
  • Understanding and addressing behaviors that may be causing concern (if applicable)
  • Developing an action plan for success

Is the person who submitted a referral angry with me?

No, the faculty, staff, or student who referred you to CSI are concerned about your well-being and want you to connect with someone who can help with your current situation.

Will this referral be listed on my transcript?

No, any meetings or information that CSI has received will not be listed on your transcript.

My letter listed a date and time for a meeting. I have a commitment during that time. What should I do?

Please email the staff member that scheduled your meeting and request to reschedule. You can also call CSI at 859-257-3755 to let us know of your scheduling conflict and request a new meeting date and time.

Will my parents know that I met with the CSI?

Parents are only notified by the Center for Support and Intervention under limited circumstances per FERPA §99.36. Usually, the Center for Support and Intervention will only communicate with parents if the student has completed a FERPA release form with the Dean of Students Office.

What if I don’t attend my CSI meeting?

Depending on the information included in the referral and the type of concern expressed, the Center for Support and Intervention may reschedule your meeting or ask you to communicate with a staff member via phone or email. We strongly encourage students to meet with us to ensure the best possible support and follow up can be provided. In some instances, where there is a serious level of concern for your safety or well-being, a meeting may be required, and this will be clearly outlined in our communication with you.

I received a letter that listed campus resources, however; I was not asked to meet. What should I do?

The Center for Support and Intervention provided these resources out of a belief that these resources may assist you in being successful at UK. We encourage you to reach out to the referenced resources to schedule a meeting. If you would like to discuss the resources that were provided to you or discuss additional concerns, you may contact the staff member that sent you the letter to request a meeting.

I met with a staff member in the past and would like to follow-up. As a student, can I contact the CSI to schedule a follow-up?

Yes. If you have met with a staff member in the past and would like to follow-up you are encouraged to contact the staff member with whom you met to request another meeting, or you are welcome to call CSI at 859-257-3755.