Mental Health Peer Advocates


What is a Mental Health Peer Advocate?

MHPA is a student outreach group designed to facilitate the connection between the University of Kentucky students and the Counseling Center. Through this outreach program, enthusiastic and dependable UK students have the opportunity to share important information about mental health issues and the services provided by the Counseling Center to the rest of the student body.

What do Mental Health Peer Advocates do?

Mental Health Peer Advocates are responsible for developing and executing outreach programs and presentations that will:

  • Promote emotional well-being among the student body
  • Raise awareness regarding college mental health issues
  • Provide education and resources related to psychological and emotional well-being
  • Increase awareness among students about services available to them
  • Provide a link between the counseling center and student body
  • Promote a climate of inclusivity and belonging

Activities that MHPAs are involved in include: Mental health screening events, WellKentucky events, general tabling events, UKCC Relaxation Room, UKCC social media, engagement with Stressbusters app, promotion of UKCC services, UKCC Services 101 workshop, and creation of additional programming.

Who can be a Mental Health Peer Advocate?

Students from all majors/departments with a passion for mental health are invited to apply to the MHPA program. We invite all students who are interested to apply, regardless of Counseling Center client statusMHPAs should have a general understanding and knowledge base about mental health issues specifically as it pertains to college age students.

Walter Malone, MA and Alyssa Frye, Psy.D. are the MHPA coordinators. If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Counseling Center at (859) 257-8701 or email or