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photo of Amanda Bloom
Amanda Bloom, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist 
Purdue University, 2015, Counseling Psychology
Theoretical Orientation: Person-Centered, Interpersonal
Clinical/Research Interests: Training and education in professional psychology, Interpersonal concerns, Identity development, grief and loss, group therapy



Tomerial Brooks, LCSW, MBA
Mental Health Clinician

Indiana University/Purdue University, 2002, Social Work 
Theoretical orientation: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered, Motivational Interviewing, Humanistic Approach, Integrated Model of Psychosynthesis, Interpersonal Process, and Multicultural. 
Clinical/Research Interests: Social Justice and Advocacy, Multicultural & Diversity Issues, First-Generation College students, Trauma Survivors, Wellness/stress management, Women's issues, and Substance abuse/use concerns. 



Tina C. Bryant, Ph.D.
Associate Director and Licensed Psychologist
University of Georgia, 2002, Counseling Psychology
Theoretical Orientation: Person-centered, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic, Multicultural
Clinical/Research Interests: Multicultural and women’s issues, Outreach, Career Exploration




Rachel L. Buxbaum, DSW, LCSW
Clinical Care Coordinator II
University of Kentucky, 2023, DSW
Temple University, 2013, MSW
Theoretical Orientation: Integrative, Humanistic, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic
Clinical Interests: Trauma-informed treatment, Social Justice & Advocacy, LGBTQIA+, Transgender and Gender expansive affirming practice, Relationship Counseling, Sex-positive therapy that is poly and kink inclusive, Grief & Loss, Anxiety, Stress Management/Relaxation/Mindfulness 


photo of Amber Carter

Amber Carter, Psy.D.
Staff Psychologist
Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Chicago, 2016, Clinical Psychology
Theoretical Orientation: Person-Centered; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Clinical/Research Interests: Social Justice & Advocacy, Multicultural/Diversity Issues, LGBTQIA+, Life Transitions, Identity Development, First-generation College Students, Supervision/Training, Anxiety, Stress, Parenting



Alexandra Forsyth, Psy.D.
Senior Staff Psychologist, Coordinator for Groups
University of Indianapolis, 2017, Clinical Psychology 
Theoretical Orientation: Integrative, Interpersonal, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Clinical/Research Interests: Anxiety, trauma, disordered eating and body image concerns, LGBTQ+, student-athletes




Jamie Hopkins, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist
University of Calgary, 2003, Clinical Psychology
Theoretical orientation: CBT, Interpersonal, and ACT
Clinical/ Research Interests: depression, anxiety, graduate and international students, medical students, relaxation, mindfulness, exercise and mental health


photo of Nathaniel Hopkins
Nathaniel Hopkins, Ph.D.
Senior Staff Psychologist, Coordinator for Information and Systems
University of Illinois, 2003, Counseling Psychology
Theoretical Orientation: Existential, Interpersonal, Cognitive Behavioral
Clinical/Research Interests: Identity development, Grief and loss, Performance enhancement



Walter MaloneWalter Malone, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist
Western Michigan University, 2019, Counseling Psychology
Theoretical Orientation:  Interpersonal, Cognitive Behavioral
Clinical/Research Interests:  Supervision, Trauma, Anxiety, Multicultural/Diversity Issues, Religious and Spiritual Identity, Social Justice and Advocacy, African American Male Development, Masculinity, Academic Help Seeking, First-Generation College Students, Motivation.  




Sharon Martin, Psy.D.
Staff Psychologist
Spalding University, 1992, Clinical Psychology
Theoretical Orientation: Psychodynamic, Psychosynthesis with integration of Cognitive Behavioral principles, and Niemeyer Narrative Reconstruction Grief Theory
Clinical/Research Interests: Trauma, Grief, Psychospiritual Development and Issues, Interface of Technology and Health Services, GLBT, Suicide Prevention
Kyndl Woodlee, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist
University of Oregon, 2022, Counseling Psychology
Clinical/Research Interests: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Humanistic and Person-Centered Therapy, Trauma, Intimate Partner Violence prevention, Men and Masculinity issues, Identity Development, Multicultural/diversity issues, LGBTQIA+, Social justice and advocacy, Mood and anxiety disorders.




2022-2023 UK Consortium Interns (APA Accredited)

Michelle Smith, M.S.    Clinical Psychology
Zak Clements, M.S.   Counseling Psychology


2022-2023 Doctoral Practicum Students

Brittany Cannon
Eric Ingram
Doug Terrill
Wenqi Weng


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