Outreach and consultation services extend the caring and clinical expertise of the UKCC to the broader UK Community in service of the Student and Academic Life goals to promote academic success, financial stability, belonging and engagement, and overall wellness of UK students. Outreach and consultation services are an integral part of the UKCC as these services connect with and support students who may not traditionally utilize individual or group therapy services. These students could include students with minoritized or marginalized identities, students who may be at higher risk of facing barriers to their academic and personal successes, students who may experience stigma about seeking help, students who may need support but not necessarily counseling, and students who may want to help a friend. Outreach and consultation allows the UKCC to prevent, educate, and intervene with the larger UK community and help build a “community of care”. See Support, See Blue.

Outreach is a broad term and includes a wide variety of services such as facilitating workshops, conducting screening days, crisis event responses/debriefing, liaison relationships with departments and organizations on campus, consultation (e.g., consulting about a student in distress or more globally regarding program or needs assessment), attending/being present at campus events to reduce stigma/support other departments, interviews, tabling, social media, psychoeducational materials (printed as well as web-based), and UK community campaigns.